A medium is a person who can connect with spirits who have died. A medium facilitates communication with spirits who have messages to share with their family, friends, and others who still live on Earth’s physical realm. Mediums relay messages from spirits by going into a trance. They allow spirits to control and speak through their body. Automatic writing and drawing may be used as a form of communication. In some cultures, mediums produce physical paranormal phenomena such as materialization of spirits, apparitions of objects, or levitation.

Mental mediumship relays information through mental telepathy. In mental telepathy, a person communicates thoughts without using the five physical senses. Mental mediumship takes place within the consciousness of the medium. Because of its telepathic nature, mental mediumship is sometimes referred to as telepathic mediumship.

In mental mediumship, the medium hears, sees and feels what the spirit communicators are relating. It is the medium’s responsibility to relate information with minimum personal influence and prejudice.

Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical systems and energies. The spirit operators cause something to happen upon the Earth plane. The resulting actions of the spirit can be seen and heard by others.

The development of mediumship requires time, hard work, study, patience and an internal emptiness. Despite what so many weekend intensives promise, there is nothing “instant” about learning mediumship.

Common Mediumships include: intuitive mediumship, auditory mediumship, clairvoyant mediumship, olfactory mediumship, psychographic mediumship, incorporative mediumship and visual mediumship, together with the corresponding phenomena of disembodiment, materialization, levitation and floating of objects.

The Difference between Mediumship and Channeling

The same basic activity of communicating with entities beyond the physical world, are both understood as mediumship and channeling but there are certain subtle differences prevailing between the two. Mediums are generally called upon to communicate with a specific person, usually deceased, at the behest of loved ones who long to establish a line of communication with them. This usually entails a brief encounter between the medium and the spiritual entity, one that may never be established again.

Channels, on the other hand, may be considered as mediums who specialize in communicating repeatedly with the same entity or entities, establishing a long term relationship with them and deriving esoteric wisdom regarding the spiritual realms and other such unknown dimensions or planes of existence which we as humans are completely unaware of.

While mediums and channels use psychic abilities to establish a connection with an alternate realm, not all psychics are mediums or specialize in channeling. They may both use a range of psychic abilities, but the greatest difference between channels and psychics is that channels are influenced, directed or manipulated by an entity outside of themselves and over which they have no control.

Different Forms of Channeling

Channeling can take many forms, from something as simple as directing the planchette on an Ouija board to the channel falling into an almost comatose state in order to communicate beyond the physical realm.

Deep Trance Channeling – In this form of channeling, the channel enters into a deep meditative state in an effort to block out the physical world and establish a connection with an entity by tuning themselves to the same vibration or “frequency” of the astral world. They use their physical body as an antenna to communicate with what lies beyond the five senses, setting aside their own consciousness in order for an entity to speak through them. This was the method practiced by perhaps the most famous channel in recent history, Edgar Cayce.

Physical Channeling – The manifestation of physical phenomena, such as spirit lights, disturbances, moving objects, ectoplasm, voices or cold spots may all be considered the effects of physical channeling and would stand in contrast to the more common discipline of mental channeling.

Psychic Healers – Psychic healers draw upon formless energies and channel them into the act of restoring a subject to physical or mental health. They might call upon a specific spiritual guide in order to accomplish this or simply invoke a formless energy and direct it to heal.

Automatic Writing, Ouija Boards and Prophesying – These are lesser forms of channeling, with the subject usually conscious and receiving communication through a device from an entity, as in the case of Ouija boards and automatic writing, or receiving inspiration in their minds as they are in the act of writing or speaking, as in the case of prophecy.

On the other hand Mediumship can be distinguished as two basic types – Mental Mediumship and Physical Mediumship.

The most common forms of Mediumship practiced are as follows:

Clairaudience – This means “clear hearing”. It is the psychic ability to hear the voices and sounds of spirits such as guides, loved ones, and angels not present to ordinary hearing. Such voices may be subconsciously generated and externalized in auditory perception, or they may be objective but pitched on such an auditory scale or vibration as to be inaudible to most people. Sometimes the voices can sound just like our own thoughts, when they are actually spirit messages.

Clairsentience – This means “clear feeling”. It is the psychic ability to feel things and use our intuition. An example of clairsentience is if one went to a certain place, they might feel that the energies of the place are either happy or sad. One can feel and pick up on the vibrations of energy emanating from something.

Clairvoyance – This means “clear seeing”. It is the psychic ability to see things, either in the past, present or future. One may see images in the mind as though they are on a video screen (in the third eye), or they may even see energy forms externally, projected from their inner vision.

Clairambience – This means to taste and Clairalience means to smell. These are the lesser used senses in mediumship but by no means does this exclude them from the available ways for the spirits to communicate. A spirit might put the taste of a certain food, or the smell of tobacco smoke through the medium, to let their loved one know that it is them.

Claircognizance – This means clear knowingness. This is the feeling of just knowing something. This knowing comes directly from God and transfers down through our crown chakra. It is instantly given to us and is filtered inside our mind very quickly.

Another tool to use is psychometry; wherein you hold an object from which you can receive information about its history and/or the person who owns the particular object. Here people and happenings from a long time ago can come through.

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