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Past Life Regression And Spiritual Science Workshop

6th Jul-2024 09:00 AM - @

- who are you? - why are you here? - what is the purpose of your life? - why have you attracted challenging situations or hiccups in your life? - why are some relationships painful? If you have ever pondered on these questions, then Past Life Regression can help you bring clarity into it. PLR is not just an experience to satisfy your curiosity. It can have an immediate or gradual, life-changing effects on your life! This workshop gives you an opportunity to get to the roots cause of challenges you maybe facing in any sphere of your life, be it, health, relationship, career or spirituality growth.

A Two Days Residential Workshop On Past Life Regression At QLU

13th Jul-2024 09:00 AM - @

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing through Past Life Regression and Spiritual Science? Join us at QLU (Quantum Life University) campus for a transformative 2-day residential workshop where you will explore the depths of your psyche and uncover the root causes of past traumas that may be affecting your present life. At this experiential workshop, you will learn essential concepts of Spiritual Science, participate in practical sessions to understand the Spiritual Dimension of the self, and go through several group regression sessions on themes such as Health, Relationships and Life Purpose. Through guided sessions, you will have the opportunity to delve into your past lives, heal emotional and physical ailments, and unlock hidden talents and abilities. Whether you are seeking clarity on your life purpose, looking to improve relationships, or simply fascinated by the concept of past-life exploration, this workshop is for you. QLU Acharya Rajashekhar Potluri will guide you through this profound journey of self-discovery. Don't miss out on this opportunity for inner transformation and spiritual growth. Register now at the link below and take the first step towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe.

A Six Day Residential Retreat On Past Life Regression At QLU

15th Jul-2024 05:00 AM - @

Past-life-regression works on the principle of cause and effect and helps removes the effects by addressing the root causes. By going to a root cause and understanding how it has affected the present, profound natural healing takes place automatically. According to this principle; when the effect is forced back to the cause, the effect vanishes. Past-life-regression works simultaneously on Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit and heals at all levels.

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About Quantum Life University

Quantum Life University (QLU) is the world’s first proposed Spiritual Science University, located at Vikarabad, 75 km west of Hyderabad. Established by by the enlightened new-age master Dr. Newton Kondaveti in 2008, QLU presents Universal Spiritual Science Wisdom in a scientific mannerto the modern world.

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QLU offers free and paid residential programs year-round at its Vikarabad campus. Workshops and other spiritual programs are also conducted pan-India and internationally.

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