To understand the purpose of Quantum Life University , one must understand that Consciousness is the fundamental of the Universe. Everything and every being in the Universe is basically Consciousness expressed in infinite ways. The science that studies the nature of Consciousness is ‘Spiritual Science’, also referred to as metaphysics. Quantum Life University aims at not only helping people learn that ‘Spirituality is Life, and Life is Spirituality’, but also practice and live this truth. This in itself is a breakaway from the false traditional belief and conditioning that spirituality implies a withdrawal from normal life, casting people onto a path of renunciation that turns them into recluses. In fact, the very essence of integrating spirituality with one’s daily life aspects is carried out by Quantum Life University in the following ways:

  • Bringing the teachings of masters from across the world onto one platform.
  • Providing answers to all the unanswered questions plaguing mankind.
  • Enabling people to see the ‘big picture’ wherein, in spite of feeling that at times humankind seems to be moving backwards or going around in circles, we are in effect continuously moving upward in a spiral.
  • And finally, creating an open, supportive, unconditional and holistic environment for not just gaining knowledge, but assimilating the concepts learnt into one’s daily life, and integrating these into thoughts and actions, thereby transforming them into profound wisdom.

Quantum Life University most actively seeks to help people overcome age-old myths about spirituality by in turn making it a basis through which even the most mundane chores of Life are transformed into the joie de vivre!

Quantum Life University …Is it for me? We are all questioning ourselves at some point in our lives about our life purpose, the meaning of life and death, our interactions with people in different situations, etc. This is our Soul’s natural way of leading us toward our own Enlightenment.

Quantum Life University comes into picture, like a torch in the dark, for all those seeking these answers in themselves – be it a spiritual seeker, an avid student of spirituality, an established Medium/Channel, a holistic therapy practitioner, an enthusiast of spiritual parenting, or even a practitioner of Fine Arts who seeks to add a deeper spiritual dimension to his/her art – connecting everyone to their wholesomeness within.

It has been rightly said that “Teaching is the best form of Learning”. Quantum Life University offers a seamless integration of learning and teaching on a single, universal, non-judgemental and ever-encouraging platform wherein you can begin applying the teachings of the great masters like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Lao Tzu, etc. in real-life scenarios, independent of culture, tradition and religion and thus experience a unification of Soul, Mind and Body with the source of creation in every step of the journey to enlightenment.

Quantum Life University shows us that spirituality is not ‘Away from Life’, but is ‘A Way of Life’.

To summarize, we quote the Zen saying that aptly goes:
“Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water; After enlightenment, I chop wood and carry water.”

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