A Unique One-Day Workshop
“Creating Abundance”

Attract Unlimited Wealth into Your Life

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.
— Wayne Dyer


What is True Abundance?

Many of us think that abundance means having plenty of money. So how much is plenty? Some have a clear idea of how much money would make them feel prosperous. Abundance is the experience of having plenty of what we truly need and want in life, material and otherwise. The key point to understand is that abundance is an internal experience, not an external state. While abundance is in some ways related to money, it is not caused by money. No amount of financial wealth can guarantee an experience of abundance. We think that money has the power to bring us prosperity; we give away our personal power to money. Wealth and abundance are directly related to your state of mind and consciousness.


Money is one form of energy. Money is a life energy that we exchange in our lives. It is a medium of exchange we have chosen to represent our creative energy. Everything in our life reflects our consciousness. Our beliefs, attitudes, expectations, feelings, and emotional patterns are all mirrored into the circumstances and events of our lives. Money can represent many things to us like security, power, status, fulfilling our needs and so on…

To create true abundance, it is important to understand what money is and isn’t, and to learn to relate to it in a balanced and an effective way.


This workshop on ‘Creating Abundance’ is designed to help you to:

  • Discover core beliefs about money and clear blocks to welcome abundance
  • Delve into your past relationship with money to identify the origins of your most damaging Abundance Blocks
  • Transform your attitude towards money for the better
  • Experience sudden rushes of creative ideas
  • Free yourself from the issues, attitudes, and beliefs you carry about money that have so far been shaping and directing your life
  • Learn Sutras of Highest Prosperity
  • Develop Wealth Consciousness and unblock your Abundance

Follow the principles/sutras that are being presented in this workshop ‘Creating Abundance’ and start applying all these practices in daily life and then you will see the myriad riches the universe offers you in every moment and the ways in which you begin to experience true abundance consciousness. In this mini-workshop, you will have many guided processes and exercises to clear the Abundance Blocks that could come from anywhere… your parents, your mentors, your friends, the media etc.


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


  • Practical processes for exploring core beliefs about money
  • Practical Process-1: Identifying Money Beliefs
  • Seven Sutras of Abundance
  • Practical Process-2: Activating the Seven Sutras of Abundance
  • Clearing the blockages to attract money
  • Law of Attraction
  • Practical Process-3: Your Prosperity Story
  • Steps to creating abundance
  • Poverty Consciousness Vs. Prosperity Consciousness
  • Principles of the Deliberate Creation Process
  • Practical Process-4: Gratitude Manifestation Process for experiencing the flow of Abundance
  • Theme Meditation: Creating Abundance
  • Daily Practices and Action Plan
  • Recommended Reading


This workshop will help you to:
  • Learn the art of Deliberate Creation
  • Attract unlimited wealth
  • Become rich and successful
  • Tap into the inner source of Abundance
  • Create Financial Freedom

Target Audience

Those who would like to:
  • Know how to attract unlimited wealth into your lives
  • Learn the art of manifesting abundance
  • Remove the fears about money
  • Uproot all the limited beliefs about money
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