- Amaresh Mehta,
Vastu Consultant,

I was in Delhi, in October 2006. A friend of mine encouraged me to drop in, to the “Spiritual Expo”. Luckily, I had the time off from my “Spiritual Vaastu Balancing” project.

There I met my guide, Dr.Newton. I heard his talks on past life, and instantly it caught the attention of “Balancing Man” in me. I was not sure how the past life stuff would help me, but I was sure it would help my clients, if I could integrate this science along with my “mind, body and space balancing” profession.

I then attended the basic course with Dr. Newton, on past life regression and spiritual science in Mumbai. I did not really have any vivid past life experience, but I was very much drawn to the whole study on past life regression, and was drawn to dr.Newton. Hence, I decided to attend the therapist-training course in Hyderabad, in December 2006 and then the re-birthing course in September 2007.

It was more of a spiritual vacation. The resort was wonderful, and a real get away from the routine of the last 40 years. I thought to my self, “I will at least relax here, if nothing else.” because I was not sure what I would achieve there. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the opposite happened. We had no time to relax from the knowledge and experience we were gaining. We did not realize how swiftly the workshop ended.

Nothing is permanent. All good things have to end, and so do all the bad things. We cannot separate one from the other. How can we expect bad things to end and good things to go on? Every thing is momentary. Then, what is permanent? The feeling of bliss is permanent. Good things and bad things are just moments, which come and pass by. But we remain. And that is the I……….the feeling of the never ending bliss. The source within us. The soul!

The energy during the workshop was superb. There I realized I had not laughed for, god knows how many years. I realized, I was so much engrossed in my work, resolving the issues of my clients, that I had forgotten my existence, since the past 40 years. I felt my existence, and I found the love and joy within myself.

We participants interacted on such a level, as if we knew each other all life (at least this life). Yet we knew nothing about each other’s present life. And of course, some of us experienced the past life relationships with the other participants. It was amazing! On the last day, while we were returning from the resort, one of the participants was asking the other one about her children, schooling, education…etc. This is the normal question that one would ask to new acquaintances. When the other participant jokingly asked her why she was being interviewed, she got reply that, “I know so much about your past life, thought I might as well know something about the present life too, before we part”.

I did not see any past life initially. However, on the last two days, I had two experiences where I was a healer in my past lives and was delivering healing and spiritual talks to a huge crowd. This boosted the confidence in me towards the profession I pursue. I had given up my business enterprises, and risked the security of my family and myself, before I got into the profession of “spiritual vaastu and space balancing”.

The past lives that I experienced, also helped me to gain and enhance my talents and bring out my potentials. Thereafter, I could also understand my clients and their problems from a better perspective. I began to get more satisfaction from my projects. I give re-birthing and past life regression sessions to some of my clients. It is very important to consider all the factors and integrate them while helping the client.

The workshop helped me to confirm that I was on the path of the purpose of my life.

I experienced in one of the sessions of future progression, a nice way of resolving some current issues. My therapist colleague also helped me to re-design my future. Just the thought, “that any issue can be resolved, and that you can design your future”, gave a new approach to life. Mentally, I became more relaxed and began to devote some time to myself and my family.

I always send energy to my clients for their well being. Now I send energy, not only for resolving the known issues, but to resolve their past life issues and release them from their karmas and to heal them totally.

In one past life, I saw I was with Dr.Newton. Destiny drew me to the Spiritual Expo in Delhi. Now I know that Newton, our colleagues and myself have been soul mates.

These days, people remark that I seem to be more open, jovial and lesser serious.

The beauty of re-birthing session is that the person going through the healing session may or may not experience any past life. However, the blockages present, due to past life experiences are released. It is a very helpful technique for persons who do not believe in past life at all.

Believe it or not, you have a past, which contributes to the present. The past is not in your hands. What has happened, has happened. Learn from it and deal with the present, to make a wonderful future!!


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