A Unique Two-Day Workshop on “INNER CHILD HEALING”  

"Heal Your Inner Child & Set Free Your Creative Potential"

About the Workshop:

  • Have you seen your parents fighting when you were a child?
  • Do you feel that your marriage is not working just the way it didn’t work for your parents?
  • Do you find it tough to parent your children?
  • Are you short tempered and reactive?
  • Do you feel you are/were not loved enough as a child?
  • Were you abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually as a child?
  • Are there incidents of intense shame or guilt that you experienced in childhood?

 If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’ then this workshop is meant for you.

Research says most of an individual’s operating beliefs are developed by the age of seven. And if you’ve had a traumatic childhood, you tend to carry the anger, guilt, shame, and sadness within you as throughout adulthood.


Regardless of our physical age, there is a child within each and everyone of us. This Inner Child is the purest manifestation of a Divine Force. It is loving, joyful, fearless and innocent. But due to parental control, social pressure and conditioning, this Inner Child loses its Divine Form. As a result of this we struggle to have healthy relationships, good health, career and live a fuller life.

This Two Day Workshop on Inner Child Healing will help you to retrieve your connection with the Inner Child and nurture it deeply.


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


  • Introduction to the concept of Inner Child
  • Inner Child Model
  • Essential needs of a child
  • Voids which are formed due to the unmet needs of a child and also due to traumatic situations encountered by the child
  • Signs of a wounded Inner Child
  • Defence mechanisms and resistance developed by a child as a coping mechanism and strategy
  • Healing the voids
  • Reparenting the Inner Child
  • Embracing the Inner Child
  • Retrieving the disowned qualities and energies that got stuck or frozen during traumatic situations encountered in the past
  • A return to Wholeness

All of these topics will be dealt with in detail through lectures combined with highly interactive sessions. In addition to this, there are many Guided Meditations and Practical Group Exercises that facilitate experiential learning.


  • Connect deeply with yourself, a prime source to connect with the outer world
  • Learn to deal with your emotions like anger, guilt, shame, sadness
  • Heal your relationship with your parents
  • Heal the inner critic
  • Free yourself from fears deep rooted in your childhood
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and learn to reshape them

Target Audience

  • Individuals & Working Professionals
  • Young Adults
  • Housewives

(Those who share a cold relationship with their parents, spouse and children / want to give their best to their children / would like to awaken their soul potential )

Two-Day Workshop on "Inner Child Healing" at

05th Sep-20 to  06th Sep-20

09:00AM to  06:30PM (on these days)

VENUE :Delhi
TRAINERS :Hitesh Vashisht &Shubangi Sharma
CONTACT :Sarabjeet
CALL :+91 8800246009
CALL :+91 9873342557
E-MAIL :info@qluglobal.org

Two-Day Workshop on "Inner Child Healing" at
05th Sep-2020 to06th Sep-2020

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