Sakshi Telugu Daily
Interesting Telugu Article - Reflective Relations ...

An excellent article on human bondage & physical relations and how they carry with us from ones previous life. How they impact ones life...

DNA daily News - Mumbai
Finding an anchor in this life with alternative therapy

On October 19 and 20, Kondaveti organised a past life regression workshop in Mumbai with 40 participants. He, however, believes...

Past Life Regression (PLR). Vasanas and Karma

The root cause of our present personality and situations is in the past, either this life or past lives. PLR is NOT a replacement for doing...

Global Post
India: past life regression therapy takes hold

With a deep belief in reincarnation founded in Hinduism, middle-class Indians are embracing past life regression as a form of psychotherapy – once more showing how ancient traditions are fuelling “new age” spiritualism..

Times Of India
Should you try a mind machine?

Deborah Bennett is a college lecturer in the UK. For a decade, she has been religiously using a curious device to relax after the day’s work. It’s a small, hand-held unit, inset with stereo headphones and special glasses with light-emitting diodes.

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