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A Two Day Webinar On Unconscious To Conscious Creator

2nd Jul-2022 09:00 AM - @

This webinar will help participants realise and manifest the life they truly desire. If we create our own reality, why is it that we face challenges? Are you living your life on auto-pilot, without realising how your subconscious mind is playing a huge role in manifesting your reality? Learn how and why we manifest struggles, illnesses, painful relationships and financial troubles, and let the knowledge be the turning point you are looking for. Become a conscious creator and allow awareness to help you live life to your highest potential, making all your dreams come true.

Transgenerational Healing And Family Constellation Workshop

27th Aug-2022 09:00 AM - @

Family Constellation is a group process that enables us to break these patterns so that we can live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives. In a moment of insight, a new life course can be set in motion. The resulting Trans-Generational Healing helps us to understand and clear many of the common blocks to personal and spiritual growth.

About QLU

About Quantum Life University

Quantum Life University (QLU) is the world’s first proposed Spiritual Science University, located at Vikarabad, 75 km west of Hyderabad. Established by by the enlightened new-age master Dr. Newton Kondaveti in 2008, QLU presents Universal Spiritual Science Wisdom in a scientific mannerto the modern world.

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QLU offers free and paid residential programs year-round at its Vikarabad campus. Workshops and other spiritual programs are also conducted pan-India and internationally.

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