Jnana Peetha of Life Sciences

The application of all this wisdom that we have tapped into can be applied successfully into our daily life for the collective evolution and upliftment of one & all and is hence termed as Life Sciences.

School of Spiritual Fine Arts

Art is the expression of the Divine. It has the ability to command our undivided attention, to make time stop, to stop the incessant chatter of the mind, and to connect us to that place deep within, that contains the Essence of Divinity. It is the expression of the divine. The same quality is seen...

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School of Holistic Economics

Introduction: The purpose of the School of Holistic Economics is to find spiritual solutions to agriculture that are divinely guided, natural, holistic and productive – giving the best possible yield while working in alignment with Mother Earth. The end goal is to create a world...

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School of Animal Welfare

Not to hurt the creatures’ brethren is our first duty to them. But to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission – to be of service to them wherever they require it.” – Saint Francis of AssisiThe purpose of the School of Animal Welfare at Life Foundation is to create...

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School of Spiritual Leadership

To transform the world into a place where everyone can live with creativity, purpose and joy, it is essential that we build a New World on the foundation of Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. These are the pillars of Life Foundation, which is a beacon of ...

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School of Spiritual Parenting

Parenting is one of the most heart-centered but yet a challenging task that we as human beings face. For centuries parenting has been fear based. Parents have been operating in a preprogrammed mode passing on automatically of what they learnt from their parents, and they from their parents, and so on...

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School of Holistic Education

The purpose of the School of Spiritual Education in All Walks of Life is to show people how to extract the juice of life rather than be squeezed and drained by the experience of life. Its function is to teach how to live life from the foundation of Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy...

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