Many of us face repetitive patterns in relationships, irrational fears of intimacy or abandonment, and emotional reactions to people or situations that seem irrational or without cause. It can also be the instant attraction or discomfort you sometimes feel when you first meet someone. Often these patterns have roots extending beyond our current lifetime and into past-lives. These patterns are manifestations of your karmic dynamic. Changing or resolving this dynamic requires a much deeper look into your psyche and relationships.


  • Do you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster of extreme highs and lows in this relationship?
  • Have you ended this relationship more than once, only to get back together and continue the same dysfunctional patterns?
  • Is the other person in this relationship willing to drop everything at a moment's notice to come to your assistance?
  • Does the bond of this relationship remain strong and familiar even when you've been out of contact for long periods of time?

By answering yes to any of these questions, you are acknowledging one of several different types of karmic relationships in your life. Once you are armed with an understanding, you are able to effectively handle those damaged, demanding, and disastrous relationships. You will be able to heal your hidden wounds and release the very karma and emotions that are keeping your relationships in destructive cycles.


In this life-changing workshop, you will explore karmic relationships using the Soul Journey process to clarify and bring about a greater understanding into your karmic ties with others.

This is a very EMPOWERING and WISDOM based workshop arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions were designed to bring about a transformation in your life.


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


The special feature in this workshop is audio-video multimedia presentations. This is a two-day workshop which includes many practical sessions.

Workshop Highlights:

  • The Seven Sacred Mirrors in Relationships

Most people are familiar with the first mirror: another person reflecting us back a particular trait we have. There are another six mirrors, which once understood make relationships much easier to deal with.

  • Relationship with One’s Own self is the key to all radiant relationships.
  • Five Negative patterns mirrored in relationships based on ancient Sufi Enneagram system
  • Pre birth plan/Choices that you have made in the life between lives about your relationships.
  • Contracts that you have made with soul groups in the life between life stages.
  • Catalysts that played an important role in altering the course of your life.
  • Life Lessons/Life Themes that are reflected in the dynamics of our relationships.
  • Discover your past-life ties with others and learn about your relationships, present and future, as joint karma unfolds.
  • Understanding Repetitive Patterns in Relationships.
  • Creation of intimate, sacred and fulfilling spiritual relationships by letting go of limiting beliefs.
  • Soul mates, Twin soul connections.
  • Relationships as path of spiritual growth - A relationship based on truth and awareness is one of the most powerful tools for healing and growth.
  • Loving Yourself – Creating a Love Cocoon


Dr. Newton's “Radiant Relationships” workshop will help you to uncover:

  • Why you repeat certain relationship patterns?
  • How your family influenced your ideas about intimacy and relating?
  • What you really believe to be true about relationships?
  • What's appropriate to keep, and what you are ready to leave behind?

 Dr.Newton's “Radiant Relationships” workshop will help you to:

  • Let go of unhealthy relationship patterns by shedding past baggage
  • Express yourself truthfully with empathy and compassion
  • Build loving and trusting relationships that will survive life's little hurdles
  • Achieve intimacy without losing your sense of self
  • Make deep, lasting connections on an emotional level

Target Audience

Those who are 15 years or above, and would like to:

  • Understand themselves by understanding their relationships with others and self
  • Understand why their relationships are the way they are
  • Heal their dysfunctional relationships
  • Have Radiant Relationships
  • Grow Spiritually
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