QLU envisages the development of the rural community's consciousness and social empowerment as one of its core activities. Various programs carried out by the QLU volunteers include:

  • Rural Education by teaching Meditation and Vegetarianism
  • Free Yoga, Fine Arts and Martial Arts classes
  • Children's Education programs - 'Bala Maitreya', which introduces spiritual wisdom, self healing and empowerment in a joyful, playful way through stories, activities and games.
  • Environment Sustainability by introducing and teaching Spiritual Agriculture, which takes organic and natural farming to the next level of harmony with the plant and animal kingdoms, and Rainwater Harvesting to conserve and create water resources.
  • Sustainable Sanitation and Waste Managementfor creating Healthy Living Conditions.
  • Improving Hygiene by helping in the construction of individual and public toilets.
  • Women Empowerment Programsto create a better quality of life and to create a Community of Rural Empowered Women (CREW).
  • De-addiction Programsto reduce alcoholism and other addictions.
  • Family Life and Relationships Counselling for Living Harmoniously.
  • Spiritual Parenting Programsto reduce Infant Mortality and improve Women's Health.
  • Health Campsfor adults and children and to reduce Child Mortality.
  • Providing Pure and Safe Drinking Water by donating Mineral Water Plants.
  • Rural Employment Generation by providing training in areas such as Mindfulness, Meditation and Counseling, thereby enabling the trainees to get employed as Mindfulness Trainers, Meditation Teachers and Counselors.
  • Prosperity Consciousness Programs to foster the creation of wealth and Living in Abundance.

These programs have enabled the integration of Meditation and Mindfulness practices into their daily lives, and have brought about a tremendous improvement in the quality of life of the participants. Some villagers have become addiction-free, some have turned vegetarian, and domestic violence has reduced. Pyramids have been constructed in some of the villages to create a supportive space to facilitate the teaching and practice of Soul Science Education, and to provide a place for meetings and interaction.

Meditation & Mindfulness classes by International masters Bala Maitreya - Children's Education Programs
Spiritual Agricultural classes Sustainable Sanitation and Waste Management Training
Rural Employment Generation Training Women Empowerment Programs
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