We are going to build one of the most unique and immensely powerful sacred-geometric structures in the world, named the Sahasrara Pyramid.

  • The pathway that leads to the Sahasrara Pyramid is landscaped predominantly with the theme of Six chakras and Sahasrara State.
  • Landscape design around the pyramid is based on the Shape. The Four parts of the Swastika represent Four out of the Five Elements of nature (Earth, Water, Wind and Fire) and the Four Directions.
  • Each segment will have a signage explaining the color of the element represented, zodiac signs and nature / characteristics.
  • Srichakra forming the base of the Sahasrara Pyramid also includes multipurpose seminar halls and 108 cells that serve as initiation chambers / caves for Akhanda Dhyana (uninterrupted Meditation). Its terrace is landscaped with sacred geometry patterns.
  • The main Sahasrara Pyramid is composed of a Thousand-petalled Blue Lotus Symbolizing Multidimensional Awareness, having a sphere in the center and a Pyramid on top. Blue lotus symbolizes wisdom and a fully bloomed lotus symbolizes enlightenment and love.
  • Thousand Petals represent the Sahasrara State, as Sahasra in Sanskrit means Thousand. Canopies formed by lotus petals are used as orientation centers.
  • The Sphere resembling a pearl (a sign of wisdom) accommodates 1000 persons, and represents feminine energy. The circular ribbed form expresses the union of Male and Female energies.
  • The DNA shaped staircase inside the sphere represents primordial Kundalini Energy. Conveyance by means of an elevator to the Golden Pyramid on top of the sphere represents a Quantum Leap.
  • The Golden Pyramid, which can accommodate 1000 persons at a time represents the masculine energy.
  • 72,000 crystals placed in this pyramid represent 72,000 Nadis Purple Crystals at the apex of the Sahasrara Pyramid represent the highest state of enlightenment.
  • The Sahasrara Pyramid will also accommodate Three Jnapeethas with their 18 Schools of wisdom, and the QLU Library, which will have the world’s largest collection of Spiritual Science Books.

The Research Complex - A Unique Facility for Spiritual Science Research

The ultramodern research complex with state of the art facilities, envisioned in the appearance of a spaceship, will house the research wings of all the 18 Schools of Wisdom.

View of the Sahasrara Pyramid from the Main Entrance direction Top View of the Sahasrara Pyramid
The Thousand-Petalled Blue Lotus Symbolizing Multidimensional Awareness Spiral Double-Helix Shaped Staircase Symbolizing the Human DNA
Inside the Sahasrara Pyramid - view 1 Inside the Sahasrara Pyramid - view 2
Top View of the King’s Chamber Section showing the Embedded Crystals
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