The purpose of the School of Astral Travel at Quantum Life University is to help us to become aware of the omnipresent (present everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful), and Omniscient (all-knowing) nature of Consciousness. Its function is to teach Astral Travel, conduct research in Astral Travel and related phenomena, and collaborate with similar institutions that conduct significant research in this field. The School of Astral Travel will significantly increase our understanding of the Universe and ourselves. It is a unique space for exploration of the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

What is Astral Travel?

Astral travel is the ability of our consciousness to travel through Time and Space using the Astral Body, and other subtle bodies, as vehicles. Although we may not be aware, we all perform Astral Travel during dreams, which are nothing but unconscious astral travel. However, we use the term Astral Travel to describe the process of performing Astral Travel consciously. There are many fascinating facts about Astral Travel. It allows one to travel practically anywhere in the universe instantaneously. One can travel into the past or future.

A human being has nine different bodies. Most of us are just aware of the gross physical body. But we have many subtle energy bodies. Our astral body is one such body.

The astral body and the physical body are connected by a silver cord. Man, or the flesh-body of man, is a vehicle which is driven or manipulated by Over Self. The brain of a human is a relay station, a telephone exchange, a completely automated factory. By escaping from the limitations of the body, like a driver temporarily leaving an automobile, man can see the greater world of the spirit and can access the lessons learned while encased in the flesh. Man can travel to distant places in the twinkling of an eye. Almost everybody leaves their body at night; when they wake up, they think it is a dream.

Benefits of astral travel

How to Astral Travel

The phenomenon of Astral Travel has been reported since ancient times. Complete relaxation of body and mind is necessary for this. Relaxation techniques like Meditation and Self-hypnosis can be used. Quietening of mind (No-thought state) Meditation helps in achieving the no-thought state.

Many people report experiences of Astral Travel that occur spontaneously or during meditation. Meditation is the simplest and most authentic way to do astral travel. When the mind becomes empty through meditation, we can automatically reach other realms of reality including astral travel. The best technique to practice Astral Travel is to practice Ana pana sati Meditation, which involves sitting in a comfortable posture, hands and feet crossed, eyes closed, and focusing on our breath. With consistent practice, one is able to astral travel at will.

Astral travelling is an out-of-body experience – OOBE. OOBE is a condition where you find yourself outside of your physical body, fully conscious and able to perceive and act as if you were functioning physically – with several exceptions. You can move through space and time slowly or beyond the speed of light. You can observe, participate in events, make willful decisions based upon what you perceive and do. You can move through physical matter such as balls, steel plates, concrete, earth, oceans, air, and even atomic radiation, without effort or effect.

Nearly anyone can do astral travel provided they believe they can do it. Studies indicate 25 percent of adult humans remember having at least one spontaneous OOBE. Many were unaware of what had happened until the phenomenon was described to them. Everyone goes into OOBE state during the delta or deep dream state, as a natural process in varying degrees with specific psychological or philosophic preparation

Related Research

There are many techniques to practice Astral Travel which have been given by Lobsang Rampa, Robert Monroe and Robert Bruce in their books. Read more

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