Although we hardly ever realize their significance, dreams are among the most powerful of ‘Transpersonal Experiences,’ which go beyond the realm of the limited reality that we have conditioned ourselves to experience. They are by far the most complex to decode and understand. Yet, within dreams lie the answers to the Greatest Mysteries surrounding the nature of reality in the universe and the nature of multidimensional consciousness. During sleep, the conscious mind is asleep, but the subconscious mind is at its most active. Without the hindrance of the conscious mind, the subconscious travels to the very source of its creation, the un-manifest framework from where all creation springs forth.

The purpose of the School of Dreams at Quantum Life University is to show us how to connect with the source of our creation in the most direct and powerful way, through our dreams. Its function is to teach how to consciously create in our dream state, remember dreams, interpret them, and achieve dream mastery. The school will also conduct and promote research in the area of dreams.

Dreams and Reality

A dream may appear like a single story but it contains layers and layers of realities and your personality interacts simultaneously with each of these layers. The interactions at many of the deeper layers are too abstract and complex for us to make any sense out of. Our conscious mind does not have the vocabulary or understanding to translate these interactions into words or symbols that we can understand. Therefore, most dreams are forgotten. Only those that can be translated are remembered. However, the ability to remember dreams can be developed through conscious practice. Dreaming is an art which allows a person to delve into his subconscious and understand himself.

How are dreams important?

Our soul is like a living computer. We record positive and negative memories throughout our lives. We are here on earth to develop qualities like unconditional love, acceptance, etc. In dreams we are able to see the aspects we need to work on ourselves. When we have a nightmare, we are connecting to past memories that need to be processed. We can accelerate our progress when we receive metaphysical knowledge.

Dreams are a representation of ourselves. They show us the potential that we have. Through dreaming, we get the chance to work in the many dimensions of the universe and get the opportunity to connect with the ‘server’ which is the divine intelligence.

Dreams also help us in changing our emotions, thoughts and actions, because we are able to see and understand them. One can visit past and future lives in dreams, and thus understand the soul plan.

By cultivating awareness in dreams and practicing Lucid dreaming, one can tap into a most useful resource to develop one’s potential to the full, overcome fears, solve problems and speed up one’s evolution. One can visit any place in this world or beyond; visit past and future lives at will; visit parallel selves; heal childhood issues and thus move towards integration and wholeness.

Related Research on Dreaming

Dreaming is an ancient art. Dreams have been studied for thousands of years in almost every spiritual tradition. Today many modern spiritual scientists are also systematically studying dreams.

The art and science of dreaming

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