The purpose of the School of Holistic Education is to show people how to extract the juice of life rather than be squeezed and drained by the experience of life. Its function is to teach how to live life from the foundation of Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. Such living will make us better at whatever we do in our lives. This school is open to people of all professions, all occupations, all ages, and from all walks of life so that they become better people, ushering in a better world. This is the Goal of Quantum Life University.

Spirituality should not be held as an excuse for escaping from our day-to-day life and becoming a recluse. ‘Samsara is Nirvana and Nirvana is Samsara:’ henceforth one should always follow the middle path whereby one has sufficient time to discharge one’s worldly duties religiously and at the same time create enough time and space for oneself to indulge in reading spiritual books, doing their Sadhana and intermingling with like-minded people. It means ‘living life to the fullest’ by developing and refining the highest qualities of right wisdom, right effort and right action, instead of struggling to find our threshold every moment. It assures our living in bountiful health through holistic practices instead of struggling with illnesses. It means acting out of an oasis of love rather than functioning from a dark tunnel of fear. Action based out of love makes us joyful whereas acting out of fear and compulsion only makes us sad and discontented.

Spirituality is a lifestyle of accessing and expressing our highest potential in all areas of life such as the creative fields like music, arts, dance, actors, graphic or fashion designing, etc.; intellectual fields like those of doctors, engineers, lawyers, architects, administrators, software professionals and so on; students, housewives, etc. This can be initiated through the practice of meditation and through the proper study and understanding of timeless wisdom offered by our ancient scriptures. Read more

We are Divine Beings; hence, there should be no difference between our Life Purpose and the Divine Purpose. Work becomes worship when we are completely aligned to our Life Purpose and the Universe opens the floodgates of abundance, joy and success for each one of us. It teaches that life is not about becoming someone else but about revealing who we really are. Alignment to our Life Purpose rings in happiness in our lives. The essence of this truth has been so wonderfully conveyed by Jesus Christ when he said, “Find the Kingdom of God, and everything will be added unto you.” He also said “The Kingdom of God is within you,” referring to the inner journey that is essential to reach the state of peace, which he called “Peace that passeth understanding.” That Peace leads to Joy, and the ultimate measure of our success lies in our joyfulness.

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