To transform the world into a place where everyone can live with creativity, purpose and joy, it is essential that we build a New World on the foundation of Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. These are the pillars of Quantum Life University, which is a beacon of Light to show the way.

A higher understanding can be applied to our lives by being Soul-centered rather than the predominantly mind-centered beings that we are now. When we are rooted in the mind, we tend to see everything and everyone as separate from us. When we are rooted in the Soul, we see the whole Universe as an extension of ourselves; everything and everyone is seen as different aspects of us. This change can be brought about through Spiritual Education. Where there is wisdom, there can be no ignorance. Ignorance is the root cause of all suffering in the world. The other cause is lack of compassion. This was understood two thousand and five hundred years ago by Buddha who taught us that Pragya (wisdom) and Karuna (compassion) are like two wings of a bird, and both are required for the bird to fly. Wisdom and Compassion lead us to Peace and Joy. The ultimate measure of success in life is our joyfulness. If our lives are joyful, they are well-lived. If not, then it is essential to change the way we live. Bringing about this change is the intention of the School of Spiritual Leadership.

To accelerate the pace of change we wish to see in the world, we need to train a new breed of effective leaders. Training is required even for existing leaders of the world. The new leaders need not give up what they are doing and do something different. They just have to do what they are doing differently. The purpose of the School of Spiritual Leadership at Quantum Life University is to train people to become leaders of the New World. Its function is to teach both potential and existing leaders in the fields of Education, Business, Politics, Governance, etc., to align themselves to the Vision of the New World.

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