Parenting is one of the most heart-centered but yet a challenging task that we as human beings face. For centuries parenting has been fear based. Parents have been operating in a preprogrammed mode passing on automatically of what they learnt from their parents, and they from their parents, and so on. The inherent creativity, joy and purpose of the children remains stifled due to this inherited fear-based approach applied very early in their impressionable years. With the growing awareness that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are much more than our physical bodies, we are in the midst of a global awakening in human consciousness which encourages an expanded awareness about the true nature of our relationship with our children. Though our children come through us, they are not our property. They are unique individuals with each one of them having a clear and definite life purpose. The integration of this heightened awareness into the process of parenting is the order of the day. We call this new kind of parenting ‘Spiritual parenting’.

Spiritual Parenting teaches parents how to bring up their children as the Divine Beings that they are. In the New World, couples will plan to become parents only after they have learnt Spiritual Parenting. They will then invite the particular Soul who has chosen them as their parents in this lifetime through Conscious Conception. They will communicate with the Soul of the expected child throughout the period of conception through Pre-birth Communication. By adopting gentle methods of Natural and Spiritual Birthing (like water birthing), they will give birth in a manner that avoids causing trauma and makes the birthing experience a joy for both: the parents and the baby. This is called Spiritual Birthing. They will then raise the child by giving Spiritual Education both at home and at school.

The purpose of the School of Spiritual Parenting at Quantum Life University is to ensure that parents are ready for the task of bringing up their children as the Divine Beings that they are. Its function is to teach Spiritual Conception, Pre-birth Communication, Spiritual Birthing and Spiritual Parenting to existing and aspiring parents.

Principles of Spiritual Parenting

Parents are always looked upon by the children as their role models and inherently they always wish to please them. There is little that we can teach them but much to learn from them. They have everything that they seek within them. Our sole responsibility is to act as light houses so that their inner strengths are propelled in the right direction enabling them to fulfil their life purposes. Read more

Conscious conception of a child

The conscious conception of a child is one of the most exhilarating experiences that life provides. The calling in of a baby in a conscious way requires the activation and alignment of a couples thoughts and actions. It is a deeply spiritual and creative practice in which you invoke your innate ability to co-create with the Infinite that which you seek to experience. Read more

Children with Special Needs

Many children have been born with special needs. These children are truly helping us to usher in new energies. We label them with disorders because we don’t realize that they are capable of communicating and learning in different ways because their brain activity is entirely different and much more advanced than ordinary people. Read more

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