Kundalini is a Sanskrit term for the unimpeded power of spiritual wisdom, transformation and revelation that exists in all of us. It is the power of universal unbounded consciousness as the potential for the individual to know all that lies beyond the confines of the mind and ego. The term “Kundalini” translates quite literally as “the coiled one” and symbolically points to our innate potential power of consciousness which is represented by a coiled spring or a snake, ready to be unleashed. The unfurling of Kundalini’s power occurs through the process of Kundalini awakening which releases the power of infinite consciousness to impact the mind and body in countless transformative ways. It unleashes the power and potential of your mind and body to function at their very best. More importantly this power opens experiences of boundless love, compassion, wisdom and grace. Ultimately Kundalini brings to you the highest state of consciousness possible.

Macrocosm and Microcosm are One

 The Universe is the Macrocosm and an individual self is the Microcosm. The Microcosm and the Macrocosm are One. Both are contained within each other. By understanding the Universe and the creative energies that brought it into being we can understand ourselves, and by understanding our creative energies and ourselves we can understand the Universe. From the most expansive perspective of the macrocosm, Kundalini is Shakti, the infinite power of Consciousness that creates the entire universe and everything within it.

The concept of ‘Purusha’ and Prakriti’ from ancient Vedic Wisdom helps us understand this paradox. According to this concept, the Universe consists of two aspects; the un-manifest universe, and the manifest universe. The un-manifest universe is Pure Consciousness or “Purusha” which is the Essence of the Universe. When Consciousness intends to manifest something and directs its attention towards it, it manifests. The infinite manifestations that we see in the Universe originate from the same Consciousness and form the manifest universe, which is referred to as ‘Prakriti’. ‘Purusha’ is the ‘seed’ or ‘potential’ and ‘Prakriti’ is the ‘fruit’ or ‘kinetic’. ‘Purusha’ is the Source, and ‘Prakriti’ is the Creation. Everything begins from the Source and returns to the Source, but not before it has ‘realized’ its infinite potential and it’s ‘Oneness’ with the Source.  

The Upward Journey of Kundalini Shakti

The power of Kundalini is present in everyone but it lies dormant as a coiled serpent until “Awakening”. Kundalini awakening enables us to directly know the infinite presence that is already there – the Divine.

Adi Shankara, the great eight century sage of Advaita Vedanta wrote an ecstatic prayer, entitled Soundaryalahari , proclaiming the supreme power of the Kundalini. In this text he states that all knowledge, all wisdom, all inspiration, and all creativity – musical, poetic, literary, artistic as well as union with the divine come through the power of Kundalini alone. For this reason, awakening of the Kundalini is the esoteric goal of all forms of yoga and the wise yogi yearns for the blessing of Shaktipat; the descent of grace that awakens Kundalini.

After awakening Kundalini Shakti moves through us upwards through the “Sushumna Nadi” – a heroic journey back to the source. We undergo a major transformation in every sense! This pure Shakti moves through every chakra or energy center cleansing, cleaning and purifying us. Many experiences occur during the upward journey of Shakti. During this process many trials, pitfalls and challenges can happen. Read more

The presence of a compassionate, unconditional and aware “Guru” or guide can greatly help prevent misconceptions and wrong turnings on this deeply spiritual path. Spiritual wisdom and understanding is a must for this. A clear understanding, good inner awareness and strong practice or Sadhana can guide us safely on this wonderful path. Ultimately Kundalini Shakti merges with the Seventh “state”, we get to merge with the source consciously freeing ourselves from the confines of the ordinary ego mind.

The School of Kundalini at the Quantum Life University is intended to impart a deeper understanding of the Universe, and enhance the knowledge about the evolutionary process that humanity is going through. The purpose of this school is to help us understand our relationship with ‘All That Is’, to uncover the Hidden Mysteries regarding Kundalini Energy and Chakras, and to break all the Myths and Misconceptions around them. Its function is to teach about Kundalini Energy and Chakras, and help people master Kundalini Energy; thereby enabling them to clear the energy blockages that prevent them from realizing their full potential. Understanding Kundalini Energy and harnessing its power enables us to achieve health and balance of Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit. Kundalini Energy provides a roadmap of our journey towards Evolution and Enlightenment

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