The School of Meditation is the first and most foundational step towards ‘Awakening Wisdom Within’. Its purpose is to spearhead the movement to ‘Spiritualize Planet Earth’. Its function is to teach Meditation, to increase awareness about Meditation and its benefits, and to promote research on Meditation. It provides a comprehensive training in a wide range of topics of Spiritual Science, teaches many Spiritual practices and provides powerful Spiritual tools for transformation. It prepares Spiritual Masters who are fully equipped to take up the task of teaching Meditation across the world.

Through extensive research and personal experience, Brahmarshi Patriji has arrived at the conclusion that the ‘Anapanasati’ Meditation technique taught and practiced by Buddha and many other great Spiritual Masters is the simplest, easiest and most effective form of Meditation.

Why and How Do We Meditate?

There are many different ways to explore meditation, but the simplest and most effective of them all is Ana pana sati Meditation, which even a beginner can try with some initial guidance. Ana in Pali means in-breath; apana is out-breath and sati means ‘to be one with.’ Hence Ana pana sati means to be one with the breath. Read more

Meditation Experiences

During meditation, we have many different meditational experiences which really help us in our journey of self-knowledge. Each experience unfolds a certain wisdom. In meditation circles, seekers sometimes dismiss meditational experiences as myths or imagination. Some consider them a distraction – but this is not true. Each and every experience must be embraced. Each experience is a stage in our journey and must not be bypassed. We cannot bypass intermediate stages to reach the final stage, for every experience enlightens us and teaches us something. Read more

Pyramids and Meditation

Pyramids are known to increase the power and effectiveness of Meditation. They act as lenses that focus cosmic energy. This brings about a manifold increase in the energy levels inside them. Most people who have experimented with meditating inside pyramids describe experiencing a total relaxation of body and mind, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts, and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to perceive their inner reality.

Therefore, the School of Meditation intends to erect many pyramids that will be used as Meditation Halls, Classrooms and Conference Halls. Domes and conical structures also enhance the levels of Cosmic Energy. Hence, these kinds of structures will also be used.

Research on Meditation

Life University will actively promote meditation as one of the key areas for self-development and growth. Activities of the School of Meditation include conducting research on different techniques of Meditation and on ways to increase their effectiveness; collaboration with other schools doing similar work and promoting as well as supporting such research work are the other important activities.

Related Research: Many scientific and spiritual groups have been conducting research on meditation. We can learn a lot from research on meditation. Read more

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