The purpose of the School of Mediumship and Channeling at Quantum Life University is to teach us how to access Higher Wisdom by tuning into the vibrations of Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. Its function is to teach Channeling and Mediumship and to share channeled information for the benefit of the world.

We are in an age of expansion of the collective consciousness. We are naturally becoming more in tune with ourselves, as well as with others from other dimensions. We are returning to an age of enlightenment in which we are discovering who we are and why we are here. Being open to our inherent psychic abilities activates our cellular memories and chakras, raises our frequency, and balances our energy bodies. We have the ability to ‘hear’, ‘feel’, and ‘see’, expanding our knowledge in all areas of physical reality.

Mediumship and Channeling are wonderful phenomena that remind us about the Interconnectedness of all beings and that we can access the Universal Mind or Universal Intelligence. It shows our connectedness at the deepest level that corresponds to the Universal Intelligence.


Channeling is a form of inter-dimensional communication that is transmitted through thoughts, images, words, sounds, sensations, or innate knowing. Channelling is tuning into other frequencies, much like a television or radio. The person who channels enters an altered state of consciousness where communication opens up between the three-dimensional Earth plane and the multi-dimensional planes of existence. During a channeling session, various spirit beings (departed loved ones, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and entities) can communicate through the Channel to the audience. On occasion, the audience can communicate directly with the Spirit Beings – asking questions, sharing gratitude, etc. – in the form of a conversation. The information thus presented can be healing and helpful. Read more


A medium is a person who communicates with spirits, entities, and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side into other realms or dimensions. They are able to receive information or messages by tuning into varying energy fields. Sometimes, the Medium goes into such a deep trance that the Spirit or entity takes over full control of the body and speaks through the Medium. The voice of the Medium may change and the facial expressions, body posture and movements may reflect the mannerisms and energy of the Spirit or entity speaking through the medium. Read more

Automatic writing

Automatic handwriting is the process of channeling information through handwriting. When mediums channel, they transmit the wisdom of the spirit or entity through writing. Automatic handwriting can also be used for us to tune into our own higher consciousness (not that of a departed soul) to receive wisdom from our spirit guides.Read more

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There are many amazing channels and mediums.

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