The purpose of the School of Rediscovery of Scriptures at Quantum Life University is to share the Wisdom of the ancient scriptures in the Light of higher understanding for people to become better, more compassionate beings of Earth. Decoding and publishing scriptures, writing commentaries, and promoting research brings greater awareness and understanding to our lives.

Ancient Scriptures

Most of today’s spiritual sacred texts were written in the ancient world. These ancient jewels reflect upon all spheres of human life and universal existence, uplifting and supporting humanity in expanding our collective consciousness.

The wisdom of the ancient scriptures reveal themselves symbolically through metaphors, parables, and riddles. They provoke self-inquiry to expand our inner knowing for the Truth of everything is already contained within us.

A humane and progressive culture on Earth is the need of the hour, where spiritualism, ancient wisdom, and scientific development go hand in hand. Principles of love and tolerance will help humanity evolve in harmony with the world. The teachings of the Ancients share with us their wisdom to unite the mind, body, and spirit.

Scriptures of Different Faiths

Ancient scriptures of different faiths and denominations are found throughout today’s modern world. We can learn a lot by studying these ancient scriptures. The Hindu Scriptures are profound writings of human nature and our Universe that are followed by Hindus and non-Hindus alike. They describe eternal truths and a way of living harmoniously and holistically. Read more

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