We are multidimensional beings having a simultaneous existence in many dimensions of reality. Time travel is possible when we tune in to those parts of us that have access to the past and the future. Past and future both affect our present. By revisiting our past through Past-life Regression, we can learn from it and make peace with it. This enables us to live fully in the present and thereby create a joyful future. By looking at our future through Future Life Progression, we can then align our present choices with the future, thereby unlocking our true potential and channelizing it in the direction of the Highest Good. The School of Reincarnation also conducts Research on Reincarnation and Time Travel.

Introduction to Reincarnation

Is this the only life we have? Have we lived before? Is there something in us that survives death? If there is, then what is that which survives death and how does it continue its existence? Are we just our physical bodies or is there something more to us? Questions like these have been plaguing mankind since time immemorial. The answers to all these questions lie in reincarnation. Many people have reported that at times they get the haunting feeling that they have had a previous existence as a different person living under different circumstances and different life situations. Many people know intuitively and without a shadow of doubt that our bodies do not tell the complete story and that there is much more to us than our physical bodies. Many of these people have a burning desire to know about their past lives.

There are many reasons why such people want to explore their own past lives. It could be out of curiosity, to validate their experiences of past-life memories, to arrive at a more complete understanding of life, or any other equally valid reason. In the east, particularly in India, almost everyone believes in reincarnation. Recent polls showed that over half the populations in western countries like the UK and the USA now believe in reincarnation, indicating that the concept of reincarnation is fast gaining worldwide acceptance.

What is Reincarnation?

An amalgamation of atoms and molecules is simply incapable of defining humans, with their wealth of emotional and creative capabilities! Reincarnation reiterates that consciousness is energy, far more distinct and superior to the matter composing our physical bodies, and that there is a higher intelligence involved in each living being’s transmigration from one material body to another.

To fully understand reincarnation, we have to first know and understand that we are not just this physical body. We are individuated sparks of consciousness drawn from the cosmic consciousness, which we call as God, All-that-is, Tao, etc. We call this individuated spark of consciousness as the soul.

The soul is eternal and indestructible. Now, reincarnation is the process by which a soul that has lived in a different body, in a different time and place, returns again to earth and starts living in a new body after the death of the earlier body.

From the philosophical point of view, spiritual evolution extends through repeated reincarnations, not only for human beings, but also for animals, plants, minerals, rocks and all things; from a sub-atomic particle to the higher realm of galaxies. Read more

Karma and Reincarnation

Probably the most important argument for reincarnation is karma. Each soul’s karma is believed to result in its rebirth. The purpose is for the karma to be realized or fulfilled, which determines the circumstances of the next incarnation. The law of karma is that of cause and effect. Read more

Historical Teachings of Reincarnation

People have believed in reincarnation since ancient times. Since prehistoric times, there have been numerous techniques used to explore past lives. Every religion has an ‘inner teaching,’ and within that inner teaching, reincarnation and its evolutionary implications have been accepted as the universal truth. Read more

Scientific Research on Reincarnation

There has been an enormous amount of research done during recent times in the field of Past-Life-Regression. Modern Medical Science has documented it meticulously and the in-depth studies have shown that 90 percent of the illnesses, diseases and ailments that we suffer from in our present lives have past-life connections. The therapeutic benefits of Past-Life-Regression can therefore be accepted as a universal fact. Read more

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