The purpose of the School of Spiritual Agriculture is to find spiritual solutions to agriculture that are divinely guided, natural, holistic and productive – giving the best possible yield while working in alignment with Mother Earth. The end goal is to create a world where people can live in harmony with the Plant Kingdom. Its function is to teach communication with plants, employ methods of agriculture that are based on love and respect for plants, and promote research in these areas. The School encourages people to leave behind their concrete jungles, live on the land with plants an in harmony with Earth.

Sustainable Spiritual Agriculture

The need for sustainable spiritual agriculture is rooted in the ‘need to be in harmony with the order of things’. Farming solely for the bottom line takes time and resources away from family and community, degrades the natural resource base and the human spirit, and eventually destroys the ability of the farm to produce food.

Sustainable Spiritual agriculture does not force either the farmer or the farm to fit into a predefined prescription for progress. It generates harmony among people – within families, communities, societies, and our future generations to be good stewards of finite resources. We can begin reclaiming the essence of sacredness in food and farming by reclaiming the spiritual nature of sustainability. As we reclaim the sacred essence in food and farming, it changes the way we farm and live. Seeking a harmony in our economy and society, spiritual agriculture helps us lead a life with peace and happiness.


Our vision is to grow plants and crops using spiritual energy in a harmonious way with Mother Earth. Our work and research will highlight the importance of living in harmony with ourselves, nature, and all the other sacred elements. Meditational energy, organic agriculture, and innovative technology will be utilised in combination to bring in a new way of farming and agriculture. This unique approach will revolutionize our farming and be a tremendous help to farmers.

Organic agriculture using traditional organic farming practices will be implemented in a way that practices harmonious receiving of natural Earth energies. Through these methods the natural health of the soil will be restored to the optimum so plants and trees can grow easily. Rich nutrients and micro-organisms will be cultivated naturally and assist in the farming processes.

Meditational Energy will be utilised when a group of meditators visits the farm on a regular basis; direct spiritual energy through meditation fosters the growth of plants. The land will be cultivated naturally without the use of pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

Radionics equipment will be used as proposed by Dr. Don Paris, a master trainer who has devised the SE 5 1000 radionics equipment.

All forms of matter, organic and inorganic, animate or inanimate, exist in and are connected by a vast field of energy that emits various patterns or wave forms. This “Aura” or force field exists around all forms of matter and touches all other fields. Radionics Therapy is a way of measuring this subtle energy field and then balancing it when imbalance is detected in the aura. The symptoms are only a small part of the illness and the radionics practitioner’s aim is to address the cause of the problem by viewing the body as a whole entity taking into consideration the physical and mental. The practitioner, by directing corrective energy patterns through the radionics instruments, brings the “patients’ patterns back into balance, allowing healing to occur. Radionics techniques can be used for diagnosing and distance healing.

Current Work

A team for Spiritual Agriculture at Quantum Life University has started training and researching ways to cultivate land that harmoniously aligns with Mother Earth. Read more

Related Research

Many wonderful experiments have been conducted world wide in the area of spiritual agriculture. Read More

Animal Welfare

“Not to hurt the creatures’ brethren is our first duty to them. But to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission – to be of service to them wherever they require it.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

The purpose of the School of Animal Welfare at Quantum Life University is to create a world where people can live in harmony with the Animal Kingdom. Its function is to teach communication with animals, evolve ways of living based on love and respect for animals, and promoted research in these areas. When we see that there are no more zoos, when we either live with animals in the wild or wild animals live with us in our homes, we will know that our dream has come true. The School envisions bringing all of us together to spread our love, care and compassion to these Angels on Earth.

In the wondrous game of co-creation on Earth, it was intended that there would be total harmony between the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom. All the beings that live here are unique in their own ways. They co-exist with nature and adhere to its principle for they are offered a living. May it be a little earthworm that improves the soil composition or a huge whale that reduces the level of greenhouse gases in the ocean, all have a meaningful part to play for maintaining the ecosystem. Humans were to play the role of the guardians and vision-keepers of this grand creation. But we humans have forgotten our roles in the game and started to exploit and harm our animal friends for food, sport, cosmetics, clothing and what not. We have forgotten that animals & plants are the Angels on the Earth. Read More

Spirit Animals

Animals continue to serve this beautiful planet that we have created together with so much of love. However, it is essential that we allow them to do so. It is not without reason that most indigenous cultures around the world have some legend or the other that is similar to that of the Garden of Eden, when humans could communicate with animals and live together in total harmony. We are fortunate that this ability has not been totally lost. Read More


There are many examples of people who respect and live in harmony with animals. Many groups have consciously given up eating animals and animal products. They treat animals as their own family members. There is a monk in Thailand who has a tiger living like a family member. Such instances are not miracles. They are simply the outcome of the realization by some people that all like forms share a common heritage, and all are Divine Beings in different forms. It is high time to understand that before we become meditators we become vegetarians and animal lovers first. Read More

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