What is Third Eye

We are all non-physical beings who have chosen to experience this physical reality. The Third Eye represents the ability to perceive beyond the physical senses. It is related to the 6th Chakra or ‘Ajna Chakra’. The activation of the Third Eye happens with the constant practice of Meditation and Awareness. This activation brings us closer to the completion of our incarnations in this physical three-dimensional reality of the Earth plane. We can know our Greater Reality only when we are able to perceive the non-physical reality. This is the function of the Third Eye: it enables us to see the un-manifest.

Benefits of Third Eye Activation

he Third Eye governs all our Extra-Sensory perceptions (perceptions beyond our physical senses). It is also the energy centre where we begin to question our spirituality and how we relate to it. Most people look at their lives through new eyes when their Third Eye is activated. A person whose Third Eye is open is a ‘Master of Self’, and will show lots of spiritual energy, intuition, wisdom, and keen perception.

One of the common misconceptions is that the Third Eye represents only ‘seeing’. The truth is that it governs all kinds of Extra Sensory Perceptions. A person whose Third Eye is open will have a creative imagination and extremely good visualization powers. She/he is now ready to receive higher guidance, and experience different forms of psychic perceptions like Astral Travel, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Past Life Experiences, and, ultimately, the experience of cosmic consciousness.

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Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is another such ability which develops when the Third Eye is activated. It is the ability to perceive events and objects separated from the viewer by time and space. Intensive research in this area has proved the existence and usefulness of this technique, where it can be used to look into the past, and at the possibilities in the future.

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In terms of evolution, the Third Eye is activated after the opening up of our creative and expression centre; the ‘Vishuddha Chakra’, which governs creativity, expression and alignment to the Higher Self. The Ajna Chakra controls the intellect and intuition.

Thought is the seed of creation, and thought is a function of the intellect. When intuition is added to intellect, the creative powers get enhanced enormously.

The purpose of the School of Third Eye at Quantum Life University is to help people see everything as a part of the Greater Whole, see and tune into the higher vision, begin to understand archetypal levels in the universe, become aware of our Archetypal Identity, and become ‘Third Eye Masters’. Its function is to teach people practices to open the Third Eye and integrate the resultant experiences.

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